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“As the delinquent who came out of the closet this season on Shameless, Noel Fisher was pitch-perfect.”
— Bostonglobe.com (x)

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“Shameless jumped into the comedy categories this year, which is ridiculous. But it’s one of TV’s best series — last season was arguably its best — and it deserves recognition no matter what slot it gets put into.”
— Bostonglobe.com (x)

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This is Brad Grunberg. He’ll play Tim in episode 5x01.

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Someone shoot me plz 😍🌹🔫

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This is Donald Li. He’ll play Maitre D in episode 5x04.

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This is George Ketsios. He’ll play Nikolai in episode 5x04.

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Sam + Winchester Logic

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I wanna take care of you”

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